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The Emerging Alberta Wood Waste Recycling Industry 

Welcome to the Alberta Wood Waste Waste Recycling Association industry web site.

Join us on a journey of environmental discovery


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It is Time to change our Environmental direction–

So we can achieve Sustainability in recycling all Wood waste–


(1) Clean Wood Waste materials - | - (2) Treated Wood Waste materials 


Now it’s up to us to close the gap between rhetoric and reality. We’re ready. Are you?



Join us in providing Climate Change Leadership Solutions through our industry Association.


It is the intention of the Alberta Wood Waste Recycling Association to Educate and Promote economically, environmentally sound closed loop Wood waste recycling reuse solutions through Education, new Technologies and Voluntary Wood waste recycling Stewardship to all stakeholder(s) interested in diverting from landfill our renewable resource: Wood waste.


AWWRA Climate Change Leadership Solutions Strategy

In working with the Alberta Waste Wood Recycling Association, we are encouraging Provincial & Federal Governments through Education to discover, develop and deploy innovative Technologies, Financial funding and Strategies to work with the stakeholder(s) from the Commercial, Residential, Agriculture, Forestry and Waste management sectors to help meet the Province of Alberta’s Climate Change Strategy goals!



Recycled Wood Waste ~ Reuses


We are Diverting our Renewable resource - Wood waste material from Landfill and non-essential Burning


The simplistic, most cost efficient, environmentally sound solution of recycling Wood waste is based on the Wood waste recycling facilitators’ firstly diverting our renewable resource “Wood waste” – from Landfill and Non-Essential Burning. Once the Wood waste has been diverted then begins the renewable Life-cycle process of Collection, Sorting the Wood waste into one of the three Reuse categories;


1) Barn Wood – 2) Repurpose/Manufacture – 3) Reutilize


The sorted Wood waste is Processed, Recycled readied for entry back into the Commercial and or Consumer reuse market.


Barn Wood Sort ~The Wood waste is sorted into a Barn Wood format for the direct reuse market applications


Repurpose/Manufacture Sort ~The Wood waste is sorted for Sawmilling, Kiln Drying, Planned, Milled for the reuse market applications


Reutilize Process Sort ~ The Wood waste is sorted, ground, shredded and or screened for the reuse market applications’


R5: Rethink. Reduce. Recover. Reuse.
 Think Wood Waste Recycling


"Help us build a new, more equitable low-carbon economy. Promote investment in community-based Wood recycling sustainability solutions".



AWWRA Mission Statement 

The Alberta Waste Wood Recycling Association [AWWRA] is a non-profit organization promoting Sustainable closed loop Wood waste recycling practises and reuse initiatives through its industry membership and the AWWRA industry membership resource management tools.



AWWRA Environmental Responsibilities 


The Alberta Wood Waste Recycling Association will take the initiative to act as an advocate for responsible Waste Diversion of Wood waste materials in the context of environmental protection, closed loop Wood waste recycling through reuse, social acceptability and economic feasibility.



We recognize the importance of environmental protection and enhancement, and is committed to providing leadership in Closed Loop Wood Waste Recycling initiatives.



The Alberta Wood Waste Recycling Association facilitates the development of relationships between communities and key stakeholders by providing a forum for the exchange of information between members and the stakeholder(s) of Alberta, Canada.





AWWRA Membership Industry Resource Platform Tools

The Alberta Wood Waste Recycling Association empowers the AWWRA Membership and Stakeholder(s) through the AWWRA membership-interactive Industry Resource Platform Tools to achieve their respective business Objective and Environmental goals.


AWWRA Membership Resource Platform Tools range from and include;



Educational Transfer, Technology and Innovation ~ Environmental path-finding industry connections


  • Pathfinding environmental industry connections

  • Building a Wood waste recycling business

  • Industry Networks

  • Technologies 

Industry Platforms for Exchange and Cooperation ~ Sharing the industry knowledge


  • Forums

  • Industry Trade show(s)

  • Industry Conference Events and Workshops

  • Alberta Government / County / Federal Action on Climate Change, Policies, Regulations

Incentive to Develop Business ~ Understanding of the opportunities available from our industry sector


  • AWWRA Industry business opportunities, RFP’S, Tenders, Bids

  • AWWRA – 2016 Alberta Government and Government Agency Funding & Endorsement opportunities

  • Federal, Provincial, Regional, County Governmental Financial Grants & Funding opportunities


It is through AWWRA industry Resource Platform tools that we provide, quarterback the essential Knowledge that enables those Stakeholder(s) who want to achieve their Climate Change goals to create and implement an environmentally sound closed loop Wood waste recycling business!



AWWRA Environmental Guidelines

The Alberta Waste Wood Recycling Association [AWWRA] recognizes the importance of Environmental protection and enhancement, and is committed to providing leadership in closed loop Wood waste recycling and Biomass waste to Energy initiatives’ in Alberta.


The Alberta Waste Wood Recycling Association is establishing its own Environmental Guidelines requirements from the established Policies & Strategies that have been set forth by both the European Commission and by the Canada Green Building Council - (CaGBC)  


Our  Wood Waste Recycling Initiatives are based on the Criteria;

Adapted & Implemented by the European Commission - (EU) and LEED CANADA programs.


LIFE and waste recycling (EU)

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)



AWWRA Sustainibility Leadership 

Sustainability leadership is more than a just slogan.

It means working with like-minded people, caring for our environment ...

Together, Sustainability will be achieved through our combined Environmental Responsibility initiatives in recycling Wood waste materials.


Jim Donaldson, Chairman | Founder

Alberta Wood Waste Recycling Associations [AWWRA]


We encourage you to join us through voluntary Stewardship in promoting environmental sustainability by recycling Wood waste as a renewable resource!


Think Wood waste Recycling -


As establsihed our Membership is providing massive positive Environmental, Social and Economic business benefits by;

Diverting from Landfill and non-esssentail Burning of your renewable resource Wood waste.